For their second year as artists in residence CULTURAL CRIMINALS' intention with their latest work is to install approximately twelve (12) three-dimensional, mechanical, audio and screen-based objects in the grounds of the Harcourt Hill Campus, Oxford Brookes University. (for the 2004/05 work please see 'visual diaries' on the Westminster Institute webpage: Each object will deal in one way or another with the subject of Time- analogue time, digital time, seasonal time, 'universal' time, net time, geological, hexadecimal time and so on.

"Two Timing"
Over the past months musicians at Brookes from both Gipsy Lane and Westminster Campus, in collaboration with artists in residence CULTURAL CRIMINALS, have been working together looking at the concept of TIME within music- as well as the difference between 'real' and 'virtual' TIME. The result of this collaboration has resulted in this performance of Terry Riley's "In C"- a work first performed in 1965 and considered by many to be the seminal minimalist composition of the 20thC. This unique live event was performed on the 3rd July 2006.
A DVD of the event is available from

ClockTime dominates all our lives in one way or another - either consciously or unconsciously - and certainly subconsciously. We live our lives by clocks, timetables, seasons and cycles. The routine of the 24 hour clock is only one of the instruments that we refer to in ordering our lives. We litter our language with time-related references- time-lapse / time-honoured/ time-dependent/ on time/ behind time/ life time/ bedtime etc. We are tied inexorably to time and its relation to our lives.

The intention of this work is to broaden our everyday understanding and appreciation of time in relation to ourselves and our daily lives visually and non-visually. And by extending and understanding the measurements of time we gain a better understanding of where we place ourselves within any given 'time-frame'.

Between now and the end of June 2006 each Timekeeper, as and when it is designed and constructed, will be installed in an appropriate location on the Harcourt Hill Campus. It is expected that the majority of Timekeepers will remain in place for approximately five years whilst a number will be temporary by their transient nature.

In addition to the ongoing development, design and construction of the work CULTURAL CRIMINALS have also been liaising with a number of different Directorates (staff and students) relating the subject matter to their particular course content. Contact will be made prior to the installation of any new work as well as on completion of any new work. It is hoped that this will enable very different responses to be explored and developed independent of the original work created by CULTURAL CRIMINALS.
Talking Bush
The Talking Bush
(Audio File)

Passing the Timekeeper…. Activates a reminder about time and its use in everyday language and thought.
Hare and Tortoise
48 Hares and Tortoise

48 Hares & Tortoises remind us of the omnipresence of Time- whether it is ever 'enough time' or 'too little time' or 'too much time'. Time is us all.
Typewriter Clock
The Typewriter Clock

Typewriter Clock'.
Main Corridor, B Block.

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The Timehouse
Information directly and indirectly related to the existing and forthcoming 'TimeKeepers' installations. For all information relating to Time start here!

The Time House