St Botolph's Church, London, 2003
“an empty vessel makes the loudest noise”

Two wax life casts lying on top of two 'table tomb/house-like' structures slowly melted for three months. Two specialist web cameras were used to broadcast the installation live over the internet.

Visitors to the web site activated the user-operated indoor 'pan/tilt/zoom' camera. This allowed the audience to see overall and detailed views of the melting figures live, and to approach and re-approach the work throughout it's duration. An exterior fixed-lens camera was trained on the busy traffic/pedestrian intersection outside the church. The separate camera presentations could be viewed individually or simultaneously - contrasting the still and slow process of the melting figures with the hustle and bustle of the busy city road junction.
Over 70,000 images from the constantly moving interior camera were digitally matched with customised software to create the time-lapse footage.

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