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History of The Greenham Holiday Resort

people visiting our museum for the first time will be surprised by the popularity of this once-famous British Holiday Resort. In its heyday Greenham Holiday Resort could boast that it was the place to go to relax and enjoy the modest but modern facilities it had to offer. Yet, nowadays, few people will remember it well or that it was such a popular holiday destination.

To introduce you to the Collection we have gathered together a number of artefacts, photographs, memorabilia and audio recollections in the hope that it will summon the flavour of this once-thriving Resort.

In order to help you find your way around this virtual museum your tour begins with the Second World War period (Room 1) then moves into The Resort Years of 1951-1972 (Rooms 2 & 3) then finally Greenham Today (Room 4). We hope this chronology will lead you easily through our collection.

We hope you enjoy this tour and that you have, what we hope will be, a most enjoyable and memorable visit.



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